Join our Tweet Chat on MVP vs MDP

An integral part of the Lean Startup methodology is developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). But is viable enough? Should we be aiming for desirability over viability? Join us next Tuesday (18th) 8-9pm for the first of a new series of Tweet Chats hosted by Lean North East where we’ll be discussing MVP vs MDP.

What is a TweetChat?

A tweetchat is a pre-arranged discussion on twitter using an agreed hashtag (in this case #leanchatne)

How do I join in?

You can simply follow the #leanchatne hashtag on Tuesday 18th at 8pm using your twitter client of choice, but don’t forget to add the #leanchatne hashtag to any discussions you take part in.

The easiest way to participate is to use a tweetchat app such as where you can login using your twitter account and set the hashtag you wish to join. Tweetchat will filter all hashtagged tweets and automatically add the hashtag to any tweets you post using the app. Simples!

How often will tweetchats take place?

We’re starting by running a tweetchat once a month, every third tuesday of the month.

Feel free to tweet us if you have any other questions or suggestions for topics for future chats.


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