Lean North East [gradual] re-boot – please stay tuned!


Keep Calm and rebootFounded and led rather brilliantly by Emma Robinson, Lean North East had a burst of activity a while back. Perhaps no Lean Startup Machine touch-down, but startup weekends featuring our friends from Evolv / Startup Foundation (and many others) have become normal in our Region.

Things went quiet for a while (ok, a couple of years): us Organisers all have been doing day jobs – in my case, bootstrapping Dynamo North East, a social enterprise.

Much has happened

Lean Startup is still very much current – many books have been published; several conferences attended (San Francisco, Manchester, Canary Wharf, Edinburgh); there is greater use of Lean Startup in established organisations.

Lean Innovation

‘Lean Innovation’ is one term used to describing applying Lean Startup in corporate environments. Eric has written a book outlining his experiences, raising $588k on Kickstarter in the process[!]. Although I’ve got a copy I think there will be only one print run.

This seems to be a growth area for the ‘Lean Startup movement’: aka a straightforward innovation process. I’m planning a series of posts on this topic over the Summer #fingerscrossed

Steve Blank coming to the Netherlands?

I think Steve is a legend. My friend and associate, Otto Freijser is working to attract him to Europe for a masterclass:

Prepare for a Full-day Keynote with Steve Blank & many others! Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and professor is recognized for developing the Customer Development methodology, the foundation for the Lean Startup movement. We want to connect all who are interested in executing the Lean Start-up methodology. We welcome everyone from corporate to start-up to join this event. So join us and let’s get Steve here! Learn from this expert, but also connect and learn from each other. Take the Lean movement to a next level!

At the time of writing, there are 38 ‘golden’ tickets left for 18th November – you can join me in Amsterdam here!

Founders Network

Interestingly, this popped into my mailbox this morning from Tech North.


The schedule includes events in Newcastle, Sunderland, and Teesside / Middlesbrough. I’ve signed up for more info!

I also attended the recent Tech North roadshow event in Gateshead this week, and I like the solid plans that the Tech North team – led by Richard Gregory – have lined up.

My ‘School of Tech’ workshop – learn about Lean Startup

You may be interested in my two day introduction workshop to Lean Startup: it’s an open-to-book-on course at Campus North – click on this link to get to the booking page. Enter ‘summerschool’ at the checkout for 10% discount!

About School of Tech

School of Tech is a subsidiary of Sharpe Recruitment. As recruitment professionals specialising in the creative and digital industries in the North East of England we noticed a demand for a long list of tech and creative skills where the only option for working professionals to get them on their CVs was to go online.

School of Tech wants to take you back to school and fill your noggin with the most up-to-date and in-demand programming languages and creative practices. Everything from Python and Ruby on Rails to Javascript and UX.

We want to put you or your staff in front of an expert, in a classroom just like the old days. We’ve hired some of the best tech and creative gurus in the country to come and spill their beans all over Campus North in Newcastle Upon Tyne. So, grab your satchel, your pencil case and don’t be late.

Future plans

A key goal is – as ever – to spread the benefits of the Lean Startup framework to a wider audience.

Hopefully to keep tabs of the various strands of the movement, which – whilst getting richer in depth – need a bit of thought about how to implement and make the most of…

There are more folk applying the insights here, so perhaps running an event once a quarter would be something to aim for, e.g. featuring local speakers re Lean Innovation and thereby connecting business folk interested in this domain. Maybe also looking more closely at developments relating to the business model canvas etc.

How you can get involved

Our steering committee is planning to meet in August to plot our next steps. We’re grateful for any support and / or assistance!

It would be great if could please fill out this form or tweet us if you’d like to be involved, and stay tuned / recommend LNE to your Friends.

You could also send an e-mail to us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as I / we can. Thank you!


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