December 2016 event feedback


At our December 2016 reboot event, participants were good enough to give their feedback.

I have transcribed the Post-It notes from the three canvases which were on the Campus North classroom walls.

The text in italics in my / our responses; some things seemed relevant (aka our domain), other stuff not so much… – Justin


Reboot - December 2016//

Value Prop Canvas

Stuff in our domain

  1. Send to the Attendants (attendees) a list of the other’s contact details
    1. Ok, would everyone be happy about this
  2. Expand the event into a Lean Startup weekend. The Speakers are good and the content, very interesting
    1. It’s happened half-a-dozen times in our Region, usually organised by Universities – e.g. Northumbria, Teesside (that I know of re Lean Startup); others seems to have different formats
  3. Create online feedback forms, to learn more from the audience & formulate the right questions
    1. Work in progress
  4. Create Lean Startup workshops
    1. I’ve been delivering these for more than 3 years now
    2. Cf Generator’s Digital Futures have funded – sign up now for February 2017 
  5. Very interesting event, well worth the time.
    1. Feedback: the Eventbrite page did not reflect the content too well.
    2. I came along because I know Justin and his is good, perhaps details the speakers and content with detail?
    3. Ok, will take on board – we wanted to keep things simple

Stuff outside our domain

  1. Selecting / managing Agile contractors

Product Roadmap

  1. Help build up contacts
    1. We have a mailing list – please sign up, and connect us with interested parties
  2. Make case by case basis support
    1. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to respond to this
  3. Good work – keep it going!
    1. Thank you!

BMC (left to right, top to bottom – cf photo)

Stuff in our domain

  1. Real case studies with guest speaker
    1. Startup
    2. Scale up
    3. Corporate
    4. Charity
    5. Govt.
    6. [Yes, working on it – suggestions v welcome]
  2. Video (short) each session from Steve Blank or Eric Ries
    1. How about a Saturday morning which features the key talks from Lean Startup Week 2016 – with a couple of discussions?
  3. Create a Lean Forum of Peers in North East – share and collaborate
    1. Great, very good idea
    2. What would be the objective?
    3. Need to tackle challenges, or else won’t get traction
    4. Perhaps coordinate with Design Thinkers locally?
    5. LNE can ‘hold the space’; someone would need to organise – volunteers anyone?
  4. North East? North England? UK? How far can you go?
    1. Other orgs
      1. Lean Startup Yorkshire
      2. Lean Startup Summit London
      3. Leanconf – has been in Manchester, expected to be in The Netherlands
      4. I’ve volunteered twice at the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco…
      5. Lean Startup Circle
  5. Reach out to key NE Businesses
    1. In progress – but needs to match their business challenges / pressing needs
    2. I.e. needs to be ‘pull’ from them, as well as ‘push’ from us…
  6. Idea for next quarterly sessions
    1. Someone who has used Lean Startup model through search to execute (“proper case study”)
  7. Great blend of Lean Startup and examples
    1. Thank you!
  8. Next Lean Startup workshops – ‘mashups’
    1. Mmm, not sure sure what this means
  9. How do VCs react to this approach?
    1. Some get it, other don’t
    2. “Justin, we work those who get it, those who don’t – we leave them where they are” – as told to Justin at Lean Startup conf in 2015
    3. Bill Morrow –
  10. How can this group link into other geographies
    1. Northern Powerhouse
    2. London
    3. See above re other orgs
    4. Also – Lean Startup Circle
  11. How do you engage with Corporates?
    1. Public sector
    2. Charity
    3. See #3 above – need to solve challenges, key is to use business language
      1. Product & Service development
      2. Breakthrough innovation
      3. ‘Disrupt yourselves’
  12. Stories – where it didn’t go well and why
    1. Agree, this would be in case study talks
  13. Success stories
    1. As per other case study talks
    2. Alternatively, there are plenty of videos, podcasts, articles etc. out there
      1. Lean Startup Conf videos
      2. Moves the Needle podcast
      3. Leanconf videos
  14. What tools help formally to identify the value proposition?
    1. Value Prop Canvas – cf Stratgyzer
  15. When do you call it a day?
    1. Have regular Pivot or Persevere meetings
    2. Your early adopters (or lack thereof) will guide you
    3. When you run out of cash…
  16. WRT (with regards to costs)
    1. How do you avoid costly mistakes in defining the revenue streams?
    2. Go out and talk with your early adopters as much as possible
    3. Go out and test, and pivot your revenue streams as feedback direct
  17. What is the role of continuous integration / feature backlog in shipping versions?
    1. Mmm, don’t know – ask the people at DevOps NE, Agile NE
  18. Best way to get website feedback?
    1. Ask people
    2. What Users Do service
    3. Put chat on your site
    4. Put pop up on your site asking for feedback
    5. Crazy Egg – heatmaps
    6. A/B test
  19. Google forms and prize draw [<unreadable word>]
    1. Umm, don’t know how to respond / what this means
  20. Analytics (do’s)
    1. Cf MeasureCamp
  21. Is “the web” sufficient to consider as the sole channel?
    1. No
    2. ‘Discuss’…
  22. Take wider remit to business innovation
    1. Agreed, although need traction via solving business problems
    2. Anyone willing to have a word with the LEPs, business support organisations?
  23. How do you reach out to your important customers???
    1. Pick up the phone
    2. LinkedIn
    3. Ask them when you next meet them
    4. If they’re not interested, find people who are
  24. Question
    1. Which features *In* the MVP
    2. Which features *Out*
    3. How do you know?
    4. Ask your early adopters
    5. Ask them for a PO to develop features

Stuff outside our domain

1. Liked JR’s cards and have been keen to buy a set for > 2 years

  1. Would like to learn about Lean Manufacturing
    1. Go on courses
    2. Work for Nissan
    3. Read books – e.g. The Gold Mine, The Machine That Changed the World

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