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Lean in Action with the Business Model Canvas

Next Event “Lean Startup in Action”

As Ash Maurya says “Practice trumps theory”

We’re gearing up for our next event on Monday 22nd April, when we will be looking at Lean Startup in Action – how companies are applying lean startup within their business. This will be a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about Lean Startup to get some simple, practical ideas for applying lean startup methods.

Top of the bill will be our friend, UX designer, and Lean practitioner, Ryan Foster. Ryan has worked with many US-based startups including Kickstarter phenomenon PebbleHomelightCurebit and Games that Give. Ryan will give practical examples of how some of these startups are applying lean principles. He will also share tips on tools you can use to quickly and cost effectively launch, test assumptions, and gather feedback.

Umar Yusufu is our second valued speaker. Umar is currently working on his own startup My Spot and for another promising North East startup, Spontly. Umar will be talking about the pitfalls of trying to build the ‘big idea’ and how the use of a Minimum Viable Product can help you break down and test your assumptions time and cost effectively. He will also talk about Business Model Generation and how this can help you identify the exact problem your business is trying to solve.

We’ll also have an update on the opportunity to Bring Lean Startup Machine to Newcastle in Autumn 2013, plenty of time to catch up and chat and yummy pizzas generously provided by our good friends at NCFE.

Come along, we’d love to see you. Sign up here.

LeanNorth East Event with NCFE



We recently held our third event, after the Rob Fitz talk, and our Lean Tapas social. This is a brief recap of our third event.


On January 14th we were be joined by Lindsey Gibson, IT Services Manager at NCFE and David Grailey, Chief Executive.

They talked about their experience of the Lean Startup Machine and how they are applying Lean Startup to product development, innovation, and company growth. Lindsey also talked about her learnings from the LESS 2012 Lean and Agile Conference held in Tallin, Estonia in November 2012.

Thanks to Newcastle Uni Business School

The evening was kindly hosted by Newcastle University Business School, and particular thanks go to Colin Ashurst for making our event possible. Continue reading

Lean North East January 2013: Lean Startup – It’s not just for Startups

Think Lean Startup is just for startups? Think again.

Join us for our first event of 2013 when NCFE will be talking about their experience of the Lean Startup Machine workshop and how they are applying Lean Startup principles in an organisation with over 150 members of staff that is rapidly growing.

NCFE is a leading national awarding organisation that designs and develops nationally recognised qualifications and awards for learners at all levels. Continue reading

Updated: Bring Lean Startup Machine to Newcastle

Lean Startup Machine is the world’s leading bootcamp on Lean Startup methodology.

Contrary to popular perception, the phrase “lean startup” implies much more than capital efficiency. It encompasses a paradigm-shifting way of thinking about how to build new companies and products, and how to bring those products to market faster.

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